Thanks for checking out my drum sample site! Recording music has long been a passion of mine I'm excited to help you make your music as well! My goal is to keep this site free for all users and to add valuable content weekly. I have a huge collections of drums and my goal is to provide useful drum samples to musicians who may not have access to great drums. If you would like to support what I am doing donations to the site are gladly accepted at the link below. I will also be posting Amazon Affiliate links to the gear I'm using so if you would like to buy what I am using I would sincerely appreciate it if you used those links. Every little bit helps! Thanks!

PS  - I have no affiliation with any of the drum manufacturers listed here. I am simply trying to provide some cool samples to people who may need them. I would actively encourage anyone who loved these drum sounds to go out and buy one of the drums listed. It's always good to have a great snare drum in the studio and most of these can be had relatively affordably. 

Gear We Use and Love

Ludwig Supraphonic

This first one is just a quick sample of a vintage keystone badge Ludwig Supraphonic I recorded when I first set up this site. People seem to like it so I'm leaving it up. It was  an SM-57 into an Apollo Twin using the Neve 1073 Unison Preamp. 

The second set of samples is a recording of the same drum in a slightly higher tuning using a Beta 57 on the top head with the head slightly dampened. It is recorded through a CAPIVP26 preamp that is loaded into a Radial Cube rack and then run into the line input of an Apollo Twin. A few of the samples are pretty hot. Tried to give you a few different levels to work with. Sounds great to my ears!

The third set of samples, Crunchy VP26,  I had a little fun with. It is the exact same signal path except for the input gain of the VP26 preamp is turned all the way up and I used the output level control to keep the converters from clipping. This results in some mild overdrive on the preamp when the drum was hit a little harder. Some of the hits are crunchier than others but I think they will be useful to someone. 


Audio 2Supraphonic sample.wav (zip)


Supraphonic Beta 57 Top Head Capi VP26 light damp (zip)


Supraphonic Crunchy VP26 (zip)


Slingerland Artist Solid Maple Shell Snare

This is a quick sample of an early 60's Slingerland 14x5 solid shell maple snare. Recorded through an old Unidyne SM-57 into a Universal Audio Apollo. Will be putting more samples up as soon as I finish building the site. 

The Slingerland Solid Shell Fat samples are the same snare slightly dampened with me just hitting the snare with my finger to change the sound a bit. 

I used the Universal Audio Apollo Twin for this one. If you ever want to buy one use this link to help me support the site! I also used the studio standard Shure SM-57 as the sole microphone on this sample. 

The Slingerland Solid Shell Big Fat samples use the same drum and tuning as before but with the addition of the Big Fat Snare head system. It basically is a dampening system that gives a fatter sound. It's very cool It's cheap and you can buy it here. The Samples labeled Dark and Fat are just that. There is no eq it's just the snare with the dampener on it. The samples labeled tilt have a slight tilt eq on them to lower the very low low end a bit and add a little presence at 4k. Both are in the same zip file.

slingerland solid shell _3#01.3.wav (zip)


Slingerland solid shell fat (zip)


Slingerland Big fat samples (zip)


1980 Gretsch 4165 Chrome Over Brass

This is a very cool snare tuned medium-high. I recorded several variations of this one. The first is kind of ringy with no dampening. The second and third have some slight dampening and two different microphone positions. The fourth I have called dead stick for lack of a better term. I just muted it with the drum stick. I think it sounds kind of cool Let me know what you think!!

4165 ringy (zip)


4165 bright but thick (zip)


4165 brighter towards edge of the head (zip)


dead stick 4165.wav (zip)


Donations Keep The Site Running

Cajon Snare

These are one shot samples of a cool cajon snare my fiance found for me at a craft fair here in Ohio. Some are processed with a short delay  from the UA Cooper Time Cube plug in and some with heavy 1176 compression. I have also uploaded the unprocessed samples. Let me know what you think!

cajon snare (zip)


Yamaha SD-493 Brass Piccolo Snare

Here are a few samples of a late 80's Yamaha Brass piccolo snare tuned medium high. There are three distinct sets of samples in the folder. One set with the snare recorded undampened hit with a 5a stick, one recorded undampened hit with a rubber tipped stick, and one with a 1/4 inch dampening ring hit with a 5a stick. The file names should be self explanatory. All of the samples were recorded through a Shure Beta 57 into a CAPI VP26 preamp into the line input of an Apollo Twin. The CAPI preamp is in the Radial Workhorse Cube rack. This setup worked FLAWLESSLY!

Yamaha SD493 (zip)


Gretsch 4164SB Spun Brass Snare

Here are a few samples of a newer Gretsch 4164SB spun brass snare drum. This snare is a monster. Very heavy and very loud but with a killer sound. I was messing around with a rubber tipped mallet as well as a Vic Firth 85a wood tipped stick. There are samples using a top mic as well as a side mic. They are labeled pretty clearly in the file name. I used a Big Fat Snare head on these and it make for a pretty killer snare sound in my opinion. Let me know what you think. Recorded with a Shure SM57 into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin. No processing at all. 

Gretsch Spun Brass (zip)